Stellina Leocata

Meet Stellina Leocata! Yesterday we had did a wonderful photo shoot together but now the big question is

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Marie Gourmandise’s Book

Marie Gourmandise and I are proud to announce the launch of her first Homemade Cooking Book!

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Marina Lepesevich

Today I had the pleasure to do my first Shoot with Marina Lepesevich and we tested the Ring Light! Like the Results?

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Black & White with Lio

This weekend I had the please of doing a photo shoot with Lionel with possibly to worst light conditions.

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Mother and Daughters

To start the year I got to spent a wonderful day with Coralie and her two daughters doing a Photo Shoot

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London Engagement Shoot

I had the great please to be invited in London by Marie and Eike to do their Engagement Photo Shoot.

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Photography Cheat Sheet

If you have ever been looking for simple photography cheat sheet search no more this is the one!

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Photography Vocabulary

When talking about photography there are a few key words that you should know as they will be used all the time

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Canon or Nikon?

Well there is no easy answer to that question. It’s a bit like asking is a BMW better than a Mercedes?

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Meet Marie Gourmandise

It’s in November 2015 that I had the please to do a photo shoot in Brussels with Sparkly Marie from the 

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Beautiful Fall Colors

The light and colors of fall are the most beautiful of the year. So Kathleen Van Den Bril when in the Bois de la Cambre

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The most Popular

This is probably the most popular photo I have done so far. Want to know the story behind?

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