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This is probably the most popular photo I have done so far. Want to know the story behind?

This photo was taken at “La Belle Etoile” in Sardegna during the summer of 2012. Making it took a lot of time, days actually, because between each tentative we had to wait for the suit to dry. We also wanted the water of the pool to be completely still so that my reflection (yes, it’s me falling in the water) would  appear on the surface. That meant asking all our friends to not use the pool at the warmest parts of the day… They were not happy!

Here are some funny failed attempts:

Splash 1

Spalsh 2

What added to the complexity is that we used a Canon 5D Mkt II that does fabulous photos in terms of quality but its burst mode is fairly slow.

At the end my suit didn’t make it and was completely destroyed but it was really worth it. I absolutely love this photo.

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