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Curious about what gear I use to shoot photo? Here is what is for me the perfect photo kit!

My body camera is a Canon 5D Mkt II. Why did I go for Canon and not for Nikon? Because my dad had Canons and when I started playing with his camera I got used to the Canon functionalities. Is Canon better than Nikon? They are both equality as good in my opinion but I’ll do another post on the differences later.

What I want to emphasis here is what I consider for myself the “perfect kit”. I like to do all sorts of Photography and this kit allow just that.

Gear Canon

First I added the battery grip to my 5D for three reasons: One I have big hands and it gives me better control of the Camera, two it allows you to carry two standard batteries and three it gives all the shooting control in portrait mode.

Then I got the 24-70mm f2,8 L lens. Probably my favorite lens. I do a lot of portrait and this lens is great for both Studio (Very Sharp) and outdoors with a big depth of field. It’s quick and has a good zoom that will make it very flexible.

For travelling I got the 16-35mm f2,8 L lens. This is really my go to lens is I have to travel light and can only bring only lens. Combined with the full frame sensor of the 5D it gives a very wide angle that is create for landscapes. Not ideal for portrait of course as it could create distortion.

For weddings or out door events I like to use the 70-200mm IS L f2,8 L lens. It gives an incredible depth of field and the stabilizer is very quick! I can also be very useful for action shooting thanks the big aperture.

Last but not least the 50mm f1,2 L lens. The cherry on the cake! This is THE portrait lens with a giant aperture of f1,2. It’s not easy to use as a you could end up with a focused nose and blurry cheeks its aperture is so big but if you are looking to create depth of field effects this is probably the best lens on the market. But I would recommend starting with the 50mm f1,4 worth 1/4 of the price and already a very capable lens.

I also use the speed light 430x cobra flash but only when I have to. I really don’t like using cobra flashed as they can be hard on the traits. I try to minimize that by using a diffuser.

What is your perfect photo kit?

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